The Overlooked Fifth Range Of Combat

Martial arts is the study and preparation of an art used for battle. In my opinion and experience of over 45 years of training in numerous arts and four black belts, one art is not the answer to truly be effective in self defense. Grappling only obviously has its downfalls and so does striking. People don’t realize or know there are more ranges of combat that need to be addressed in the modern world.

The four ranges of combat Bruce Lee addressed are: the punching, kicking, clinch and the ground range. What is missing is the fifth range of combat hardly spoken of. The weapons range. Weapons come in a variety from edged weapons to blunt force or impact weapons to projectiles such as throwing axes, knives and even firearms. Not being familiar with the ranges and how these weapons are used in this range can be detrimental to your safety.

A warrior should be trained in all aspects of modern combat that he/she may face.Not knowing how to use a firearm or basic shooting and manipulation of pistols, rifles and shotguns puts you at a great disadvantage against someone using this to try to do you grave bodily harm. Do not take this for granted as one day you may need to use a firearm to protect yourself or someone else from harm.

-Coach Adam Brooks

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  1. Tadashi L. Ogawa II

    This is where legends are made! Thank you for accepting and adopting us here in team butuan prof adam, thank you for sharing us your skills as well. We are truly grateful and blessed to be training under your supervision. Continue to guide us to become not juat a better warriors but also as a human being. Oss!

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