frequently asked questions

What do I need for muay thai classes?

Hand wraps are highly recommended for striking pads. However, you can still participate in the class without them.

How much are the handwraps?

We have affordable handwraps available at the gym starting at ₱300 or you can rent ₱50 per session.

Do I need gloves for striking classes?

We have rental gloves for ₱100 per session. we also have gloves for sale for ₱1,000.

Do I need a Gi (uniform) for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class?

No. We recommend you train for a month first to ensure this is something you want to do long-term. After a month, we require a Gi for Gi classes.

How much is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi (uniform)?

They usually start at ₱3,000 but can be much higher than that depending on the manufacturer.

Do I need to take my piercings out to participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Yes. For safety reasons, everyone who will be participating in the class needs to remove all piercings before the class begins.

What should I bring to classes?

Water and/or your preferred drink of choice along with a towel should be brought to every class to ensure you stay hydrated and clean.

Do I need to cut my nails?

Yes for all of our classes finger and toe nails need to be trimmed. Good hygiene in our gym is mandatory. 

Do you have a free trial class?

No. We do have a per session class available. If you join within ONE WEEK that per session class will be credited to your monthly payment.

Where are you located?

You can find us at 9260 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Lalaan 2 Silang Cavite . It is between Iglesia ni Cristo church and the Petron gas station. Go here using WAZE.

Do you have parking available?

Yes we have street parking and two parking areas available.

what our members are saying

Mumit ImranMumit Imran
01:05 24 Dec 22
At the Kombat Klub with coach Adam. The gym was immaculate. The staff were friendly. I had a great one on one session with coach Adam. The session was very informative. He pointed out my strengths and weakness and told me how to get better faster. I would recommend this gym to both professionals, beginners and people who just want to have a fun workout. They were having kids and women's classes too.
patrick david regaladopatrick david regalado
07:05 18 Sep 22
Best place to train specially if you are new or starting the martial arts journey.I was looking for a gym where I can train that wont be to demanding for me and found that they offer BJJ. Started a couple of months and never look back.Definitely 1 of the decision that I did not regret. A great Coach that will guide you and a team that is very open to all people that step inside the mat to train.
Nehemiah Bernardo MotaNehemiah Bernardo Mota
03:16 07 Aug 22
If you want to learn Muay Thai/Kickboxing/Boxing, MMA & Jiu-Jitsu effectively especially for the Street Self Defense situation this Gym is for you! You will learn a lot from a true coach.Coach Adam is a former Police Officer in U.S. and a former Bounty Hunter and 1991 Gulf War Veteran.He is over 40 years in Martial Arts and he coaches Heath Hearring, a former UFC, PRIDE, K1 & Rizin FighterI've been with coach for about 2 yrs, and he's a good coach in Jiujitsu, MMA and other Combat Sports but also in Life.Come and Join Us!
HNicolas MabalotHNicolas Mabalot
13:46 01 Aug 22
This place has consistency to its roots but also embraces trends to further evolve. I bring my kids and myself here to train 3 to 4 four times a week. My kids have attained not just the BJJ discipline but of also social improvements as Coach Adam often finds time to share life's moral and uplifts everyone's morale.This was my review back in 2019, like I said; the people and the place are consistent:"Gradual and progressive system. Emphasizes on the importance of basics and walks you through understanding the whys and hows of each techniques. Coach Adam and all its senior members sees to it that each member attains growth, to have fun learning from each other, and pushes you to your potential."You'll find this new place spick and span all the time.
Jesse CarasJesse Caras
08:25 31 Jul 22
I've been training with this team for a total of about 2 years time now and I still learn a lot while enjoying training. All thanks to the great training environment and Coach Adam's leadership, making sure there are only good people on the team, no bullies.Right when I first started to train with Coach Adam, we were already taught about how important every little detail is on every technique. Coach Adam has a whole system of learning that is very beginner friendly but advanced practitioners can also learn from.

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