The Martial Artist Mindset

Every roll on the mat is a win. That’s my mindset. I don’t win or lose on the mat. I learn from the experience every time. If you think that way you will succeed. When I roll with my team mates it’s not a competition with anyone but myself. I take chances and try new things even if it does not work. That’s my chance to experiment with techniques. Sometimes I get caught and try to recover. It’s all suppose to be fun and exciting for you.

Martial Arts is so much more than physical techniques. It’s camaraderie with team, building confidence in yourself, and the mental aspect of being able to push your self beyond your limits. If BJJ has changed your life for the better than I have done my job as a coach and that makes me happy. I don’t care how good you are compared to others. I care how much improvement you have had within yourself and that you are happy in life and healthy.

Ch*ke you later !!!

Coach Adam

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